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Nativity of Our Lord

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September 8 - Birth of Mary

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordSeptember 8, 2021

today's readings are Romans 8:28-30 or Michah 5: 2-5; Psalm 13 and Matthew 1

I hope and pray all of you have some good memories of birthdays past, as do I.  

As the years have passed, when I am asked to bless a person on their birthday, I refer to this day as being the anniversary of their birth, and as I bless them I thank almighty God for the gift of life that was bestowed upon them.  After all, every life is a gift from God, and every life will impact many other lives.

Today we celebrate the anniversary of a birth that touched all of our lives - Mary, the mother of Jesus, and to whom has been given the title "Mother of God".  This life was truly a gift - through her Immaculate Conception, her famous "fiat" to the message of the Archangel Gabriel, through her years of raising her Son, and eventually, to her Assumption into heaven at the end of her life.  

Traditionally we sing "Happy Birthday" for people on their special day.  For Mary, I think it is more appropriate to rememer her with the words of the Hail Mary.  And somehow, I can picture a smile on her face in heaven as we do so.

P.S. The painting above is The Birth of Mary by Pietro Lorenzetti (1280-1348)