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Nativity of Our Lord

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July 13 - Exodus 2: 1-15

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordJuly 13, 2021

today's other readings are Psalm 69 and Mt. 11: 20-24

It is fascinating how acts of kindess and compassion, whether they are great or small, can bear much fruit years later.  Our story from Exodus is a classic example of this. 

The saving of the baby boy we know as Moses by the daughter of Pharoah was truly an act of compassion and kindness.  For as we read in the first chaptet of Exodus, out of fear of the growing number of Jewish slaves in their country, the Pharaoh of Egypt had decreed that all Jewish boys were to be killed after birth.  But Pharoah's daughter, after discovering the basket in which Moses rested along the shores of the Nile River, immediately, as we hear, "takes pity on him", and decides that he will live.  She, by fate, has Moses' actual mother nurse him.  Some time later, Moses is adopted as the daughter of Pharoah.  And thus, the story of the Exodus begins.  

Like you, I have been the recipient of acts of kindess and compassion over the years that has borne much fruit years later.  And I have also done so for others.  And more than a few times I have people years later thank me for what I did for them, and to be honest, in some cases I can't even remember doing so.  

Kindenss and compassion are two of the countless attributes of our God.  And God endlessly calls us to extend such compassion and love to others. 

P.S. the image above is a modern day version of a baby Moses basket.

P.P.S. happy birthday (#28) wishes and blessings to my nephew, Eric