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Nativity of Our Lord

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Easter Thursday - Lk. 24: 35-48

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordApril 8, 2021

today's other readings are Acts 3: 11-26 and Psalm 8

Our gospel is a direct continuation of yesterday's gospel, the Road to Emmaus.  After recognizing Jesus at the meal, they immediately head to Jerusalem to share the Good News.  

Next, we hear how Jesus appears in their midst.  Their reaction in one way is not surprising - sometimes when we receive news of great joy, at first we have a hard time believing what we have heard or seen.  How many times is our reaction, "Say that again!"

To make sure that they are not seeing a ghost, Jesus shows them His hands and feet, and invites them to touch Him.  He then eats a piece of fish.  

Knowing that they are now convinced, He begins to teach them, and remind them that all that He is, all that He has done, all that has happened to Him is in fulfillment of the scriptures.  He is the Messiah, He is the One that Israel and for that matter, all the people of the world had longed for.  He is the One.  

Is Jesus the One for us?  In your heart of hearts, do you rejoice in the reality of who He is and what He has done for you?  If you can say yes to that, that truly you are an Easter person, and ALLELUIA is our cry!